My next series...

I’ve been contemplating where I would like my next series of paintings to go. Landscape is a broad subject, but it’s one that I would like to narrow down to more local places. I have already been doing several small pieces based on photos of the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas. But I would like to work on referencing my own photos for future pieces.

Here in Ashland, Oregon, we are surrounded by the most beautiful hills I think I have ever seen. Throughout the day, and throughout the seasons, these hills change gloriously with the light. I am always trying to capture that perfect moment when the light is hitting them just right, but my phone never ever does it justice. Perhaps by painting them, I will be able to harness that magic, much in the same way that Monet obsessively painted his water lilies over and over again.

I’ve taken so many photos this past week. My kids think I’m crazy, stopping the car on the way home from gymnastics so I can snap a few less-than-stellar pictures of Grizzly Peak. So far, I have a small but growing collection of photos that I think would be beautifully translated to canvas. The next step is to make those first brushstrokes!